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Talent Acquisition, Development & Management

At Amerix, we believe that people are at the core of a contact center's effectiveness. We have invested in developing a comprehensive approach to managing employees from recruitment to retirement. We know that the ongoing success of Amerix and our affiliates depends on the engagement of each employee, so we work hard to motivate employees and contribute to their professional development. Hence, it is not surprising that Amerix and its parent company, Ascend One, have been repeatedly honored as one of the Best Places to Work by local media and industry groups. We understand the power of hiring good people, supporting them well, helping them grow, and rewarding them for their work.

Talent Acquisition, Development & Management

New Hire Training Process

  • Hardware / Software Setup
  • Communication Platforms & Tools
  • Corporate Overview
  • HR Overview
  • Our Language
  • Our Competition
  • Our Customers
  • Job Specific Processes
  • Pitfalls Associated with Your Job
  • Strategies to Overcome Pitfalls
  • Product Features & Benefits
  • Measured, Guided & Independent Practice Throughout
  • Measured Comprehensive Final Assessment
  • Measured Practical Final Assessment

Recruiting - Our custom-developed recruiting approach allows us to utilize the characteristics of past successful hires to objectively screen and evaluate new candidates. Candidates are screened through a rigorous process to make sure that the individual that is hired will be successful in the job.

Onboarding & Training - Our staff of trainers and coaches have developed a unique set of self-paced, instructor-led and on-the-job training techniques that have reduced the time and cost of on-boarding new agents and have dramatically improved their job performance.

Quality Monitoring - Whether an agent is working virtually out of their home on the other side of the country or right next to their manager, we have the capability to record and monitor performance, manage coaching activities and objectively track performance. Online tools that allow for voice and video interaction between the agent and manager make for an effective personal relationship that produces results.

Workforce Management - Effective contact center management relies on having the resources available when the client is available. Our solutions offer near real-time data on agent availability as well as average handle time and queuing times. Additionally, data is available for medium and long-term manpower planning along with staff scheduling.

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