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Marketing and Communication Services

A contact center is usually closely associated with increasing business or providing customer service. Our experience shows that there is a close link between the effectiveness of a contact center and an organization's marketing and communications roles. Consequently, Amerix offers communications and marketing services that compliment your contact center operations by driving more customer engagement and relationships.

Custom Communications Architecture

Telephone calls are only one of the many ways in which organizations interact with their clients these days. Email, text messages, direct mail and social media are all playing a big role in how we manage the relationships with customers. Amerix can provide a custom communications architecture that will leverage alternative communication techniques to offer additional services, provide reminders, request follow-up, seek to re-engage a prospect, or merely remind clients of the services you offer.

Amerix uses email, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and direct mail to find the right way to establish one-to-one communication with your clients. All of these techniques support the activities of the contact center, while leveraging much more cost-effective means of communication to establish and maintain a relationship with your clients.

Online Marketing Capabilities

Amerix has been using search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search campaigns to drive calls to its contact center since 2002. As an early adopter of online marketing techniques, we have found that search and online display marketing can be very cost effective ways to drive volume to an inbound contact center. Our staff have extensive experience in creative development, keyword bidding and campaign management.

Offline Marketing Capabilities

Our marketing group has over 12 years of experience buying advertising for TV, radio and print. We are proficient in managing creative development, media buying and performance monitoring.

At all times, offline marketing is coordinated and benchmarked against the online marketing efforts, based on performance, to ensure that we are using the most cost effective approach to drive new business.

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