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Business Intelligence and Analytics

At Amerix, we believe in being metrics driven. As a result, our systems have been configured to record, store, access and apply available data to improve results. From the moment a call is initiated, valuable data is readily accessible . Our solutions leverage that data and make it available to agents, supervisors and management to make the best possible decisions and improve results.

Amerix Contact Center Suite (ACCS) incorporates Microsoft's powerful Reporting Services and Analysis Services to provide flexible access to operational data in a timely manner. Performance and productivity metrics are compared with goals, allowing drill-down capability to research problems and determine root causes. Built on a powerful SQL Server Cluster, ACCS makes the data necessary to manage the performance of your contact center available when and where you need it.

Advanced Decisioning

ACCS also includes the ability to utilize our unique rule-induction decision engine to enhance your contact center activities. Our decision engine can optimize outbound contact efforts by prioritizing the contacts that are more likely to be successful. It can also be used to identify likely customer preferences and behaviors. By utilizing all available data about what has worked in the past, our decision engine can allow the contact center to produce greater results with less effort.

Business Process Improvement

One of the core strengths of having access to this operational data and analysis is the ongoing opportunities it provides to improve on the contact center's business processes. Fortunately, the Amerix platform was architected with flexibility and scalability in mind. With a service-oriented approach and a clustered virtual design, our systems can easily scale and morph to meet the business needs of the contact center.

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